The best thing about the Fleur-de-Lys email newsletters is the feedback they generate.

Farming can be a solitary life, which is why I treasure customers stopping by and emails from readers. Ruthie lives up in Schuylkill County so I don’t see her often but I love her wisdom and recollections. And yes, I love it that I can occasionally use words to make her smile:
“Your tale about the milkweed brings a happy smile to my face.  When one of my step-daughters was a little girl she asked me to show her how to plant Shasta daisy seeds on our little mini farm.  We planted the packet in a neat little row in my flower section (aside from my husband’s very serious vegetable section.)  Archer is now attending grad school in Seattle, Washington, married and has a darling baby girl.  But each summer the Shasta daisies continue to bloom all over that 4 l/2 acres and probably for miles around. My son now owns that property so I still get to see the daisies.  Our little ones do grow up quickly but mine still thank me for all the little things that I taught them.”
We thank you too, Ruthie. Enjoy this sweet potato and Shasta daisy planting weather.  Laurie Lynch
At Fleur-de-Lys Farm Market this week: eggs, asparagus, lettuce, kale, rhubarb, herbs and lovely peonies!
Sweet Potato Slips:  This morning I emailed my sweet potato supplier in Tennessee asking when I should expect the slips. I think he’s busy. I didn’t even get one word in reply, and this is a talkative fellow. The message? “ASAP.” That email came at 9:56 a.m. The UPS man arrived at 11:07 a.m. … with a box of sweet potato slips! ASAP means ASAP down in Tennessee. As always, I ordered more than I can possibly plant, so if you’d like to try your green thumb, give me a call (610) 683-6418, email or stop by.
Brownie Points: Well, Trig’s homemade brownies arrived in Brasil last week. She won Brasilian brownie points from my son Richard and his host mom Meire! And, I just got word this afternoon that the brownie mixes I sent made it too! Happy baking, Richard.
Llama Beans: We’ve got bags of llama manure pellets (AKA Llama Beans) to get your compost bin cooking. Who says nothing is free?
Written on Slate: “My dream is to become a farmer. Just a Bohemian guy pulling up his own sweet potatoes for dinner.” – Lenny Kravitz

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