Back in February of 2005, I gave a talk at a Winter Women’s Weekend called Eating Through the Seasons: A Calendar of Culinary Adventures.
I had fun preparing and presenting it with my right-hand-woman, daughter Marina. The other day, we were helping each other de-clutter … although we were several time zones and thousands of miles apart. She was in her kot in Brussels, sorting through her wardrobe, trying to weed out T-shirts from middle school and blouses that were uncomfortably short-waisted. I was in our living room, clearing out our only downstairs closet, ridding it of old rolls of wallpaper, bags of bags and boxes of boxes, trying to create an oasis of storage in a century-old farmhouse.
So, in the midst of all of that, I stumbled across a sleeve of handouts from my 2005 talk. I have the extra copies of recipes in the shop … while they last. Laurie Lynch
January: Nanna’s Mayonnaise (from Aunt France) and Oven-Steamed Beets
February: Spicy Groundhogs (cookies) and Herbal Infusion
March: Maple-Vinegar Bliss (from my Mom’s kitchen) and Arugula Salad
April: Boiled Eggs and Egg Salad
May: Wrapped Asparagus and Asparagus and Lemon Dip
June: Gratin du Pay san and Spinach-Strawberry Salad
July: Strozzapreti and Clafouti (from the kitchen of Paula Kutz)
August: Grilled Polenta and Edamame
September: Green Bean Salad
October: Pesto and Rosemary Chicken
November: Pumpkin-Ginger Scones and Roasted Tomato Sauce
December: Chard Pie
At Fleur-de-Lys Farm Market this week: freshly dug potatoes: red, white and blue, Tiny Tims, and Yukon Gold. Also, German White and Music garlic loose for eating and bagged for planting, heirloom tomatoes of all shapes, sizes and colors, blackberries, Zephyr squash, lemon, Richmond apple, and Poona Kheera cucumbers, Picasso shallots, red, purple, and yellow sweet peppers, asparagus (yard-long) beans, purple, yellow and green beans, blackberries, and basil. Oh yes, eggs too.
Saturday Barn Sale: Tool chest for a pickup truck, truck wheels, whiskey barrel, dog crates, iron bed, books for children and adults, sporting equipment, parakeet condo, children’s table and chairs, canning equipment, baskets, games, Halloween costumes, must I go on? Just check it out anytime this week – official hours for the sale are Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Calling All Cartons: If you have a stash of our egg cartons in your car or mudroom, please return them to Fleur-de-Lys Farm. We recycle our own egg cartons, and the pullets are laying!
Seeing Double, Sorta: Many of you know and love our farm manager, Nick the Cat. Well, this summer a stray showed up, an orange kitten. Nick was neutered way back when, but this definitely looks like his kittenhood self. We’ve been feeding it but the darn thing is so shy we can’t get near it. Lately it has made a friend: Nick. They’ve been romping through the bushes and wrestling on the ground, and the youngster even drinks  out of Nick’s favorite watering hole – the pig trough near the shop entrance. So cute!
Written in Slate: “What dreadful hot weather we have! It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance.” Jane Austen

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