“Heeeeeeeey, I thought you said I was retiiiiiiired,” Griffey whinnied in the wind.

The cool breezes that made for a perfect Labor Day weekend got me back in the saddle, taking Griffey the retired Mennonite buggy horse for a slow-going trail ride.
“Heeeeeeey, what’s thaaaaaat?” Griffey whinnied once again, balking at a pink arrow spray painted on Hottenstein Road, a leftover directional sign for a Friends Inc. bicycle ride.
Together, the tall, graying-on-the-face Standardbred and the tall, graying-on-the-head Mommabred discovered a farm road new to both of us. With heads held high above the tassels of field corn, we were swallowed in the expanse of blue with white poofy clouds floating above Sittler Valley. “Heeeeeeey, some viewwwwww.”
An incredible lightness of being blew through this Labor Day weekend, sweeping away the mugginess of a long, stifling summer. My thoughts dissolved into a memory of my father and me, a good 25 years ago, crisscrossing farm fields through drifting snow astride a pair of gray geldings, Lucky and Pepper. A year ago this weekend my father left this world, but for a moment, his incredible lightness of spirit returned. Laurie Lynch
Take a Stand: La Cocina Mexicana, 107 W. Main Street, Kutztown, may lose its location to a Pizza Hut! As part of Go Indie’s mission to help independent business owners, the Go Indie team has developed a video and Facebook page for La Cocina Mexicana.
Please watch the video:
Join the Facebook Page to help Sal Quintero keep his restaurant:
Other ideas: Let John Monaghan Realtors (610) 683-5333) know you oppose this move toward mallification.
Call Kutztown Community Partnership (484) 646-9069 or email kcp@hometownu.com to let them know you want to keep this independently owned restaurant in Kutztown.
Contact Pizza Hut Inc., 14841 Dallas Parkway, Dallas, TX 75254, or pizzahut.com, or call the customer feedback number, (800) 948-8488.  Tell them you think Pizza Hut might be a great idea for a Kutztown University dining kiosk, but our town wants to keep its independently owned flavor.
Send this message to others!
Visit La Cocina Mexicana for a meal to show your support!
Historical Note: When Sal retired his “Cocina Mexicana II Authentic Mexican Food” sign, it found a new home in my son Richard’s bedroom. “La Cocina” has been Richard’s favorite restaurant for as long as I can remember.
Small World, Big Heaven: Sal Quintero’s mother and Aunt France’s mother are buried in the same cemetery in Guadalajara, Mexico.
Another Historical Note: Dine Indie (Robyn Jasko and Paul David) supported Fleur-de-Lys Farm during our chicken zoning battle several years ago.
At Fleur-de-Lys Farm Market this week: Potatoes, tomatoes, garlic, shallots, summer squash, asparagus beans, watermelon wedges, kale, chard, cucumbers, peppers, and eggs.
Coming Soon: heirloom sweet potatoes, both white and orange, and, after the first frost, Jerusalem artichokes, Brussels sprouts, and homegrown loofas.
Thank You: For all the emails, prayers, hugs, and support as I enter a “new chapter” of life.
Written on Slate: Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. — Margaret Mead

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