Red Russian Kale

Back in third grade, when prodded by my teacher, I probably stood in front of the class and said, “My name is Laurie and I like llamas.” When Kristen Beddard was a third grader, she introduced herself with, “My name is Kristen and I like kale.”
And she still likes kale. When the Penn State grad moved to Paris about a year ago, she searched the markets, grocers, and restaurants, and couldn’t find her favorite vegetable! 
Parisian Clotilde Dusoulier also lamented the lack, calling kale “the most elusive ingredient of 2011”. I’ve mentioned Clotilde before. In 2003 she began writing Chocolate & Zucchini e-newsletter (available in English and French), launching her into the cookbook/food-writing world.
What a difference a year and Kristen made.
Kristen started The Kale Project to get French farmers and chefs to embrace kale as a delicious and nutritious vegetable, not just a decorative plant.  On September 20, Verjus restaurant in Paris had a “coming out” party for kale.  Terroirs d ‘Avenir is now distributing kale to Parisian restaurants and green grocers, and Kristen is trying to get a British seed house to supply kale seeds to French growers.
Black Tuscan Kale
It’s not often that we have one over on the French in the culinary scene, so I’m loving this story!  And, as all of you Fleur-de-Lys readers know, I love my kale leaves, whether tossed with potatoes or roasted into Kale Crisps. Autumn is kale season, with frosty nights sweetening the leaves and killing off all those nasty cabbageworms. As always, I have quite the kale forest planted, and this fall I’m going to expand my repertoire and try using the stalks as a braised vegetable. Laurie Lynch
Missing You: I’d love to sit with each of your over a cup of coffee…so I decided on the next-best thing.  I took my camera on my weekend bike ride and respite at Café Lemont, and created this photo essay for you.
Bike & Brew
The beauty across the street

I’d paint the ceiling sky blue
“My” chair and mug
Written on Slate: Barn’s burnt down –
I can see the moon.  – Masahide
Borrowed from a wonderful little book called “The Buddha in the Attic” by Julie Otsuka, which was recommended by a reading and walking buddy from Kutztown.

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