When the forecast for Palm Sunday is snow, you know it’s a good year not to be renting out Easter peeps.

So I’m approaching the holiday without a twinge of sadness. The snow came, flurries keep dancing in the gray skies, and I got a photo opportunity to update you on my milk jug igloos.Image

They’re snuggled in amongst the remnants of last year’s hay bale garden, my experiment for 2013 next to that of 2012. While I’m on that topic, Tim, my favorite NYTimes addict, sent a link to an entertaining story titled “Grasping at Straw: A Foolproof Vegetable Plot”. If technology works the way I’d like it to, copy this URL,


paste it in your browser and you can read it. If that fails miserably, google The New York Times and search for it.

This month I broke my own rule about not sending chocolate to Belgium. During the four years Marina lived in Belgium, I never sent chocolate to the world’s capital of chocolate. It seemed silly. But, this year, I weakened. Lindt chocolates are Swiss, so why send them back to Europe? Well, the kids and I love them, so I splurged.

Marina is on spring break and decided to spend several days with Richard in Brussels this week for his 21st birthday. She made him his favorite meal and baked his traditional birthday dessert: cherry pie. Knowing of their planned rendezvous, I sent a care/birthday/Easter package to Richard’s kot: packs of Wrigley’s spearmint gum, a container of Kettle Corn, a bag of Just Born jelly beans, and a few other odds and ends. Unfortunately, when the box finally arrived, its contents were smeared with what were once individually wrapped Lindt chocolates. Mom made a big mess!

Don’t know about you, but I’m ready to march out of March.  Bring on spring! Laurie Lynch

Sweet Tradition: My kids were raised on local food, including Just Born jelly beans in their Easter baskets.  I spent several hours a week of their toddlerhood as Chief Weeder and Daylily Dead-Header in various Leigh Valley landscapes including Just Born’s Bethlehem plant. We love jelly beans, but were never fans of marshmallow Peeps…until they were resurrected as Fleur-de-Lys Rent-a-Peeps.

Sweet Tradition…Gone: While listening to NPR this week I was saddened to hear a story of technological progress: The Golden Gate Bridge went “electronic”. No more toll takers. No more people. No more gift boxes of brownies to the tollbooth crew from Trig the Brownie Points Lady of Tiburon. No more smiles. But, no doubt about it, she sure baked a batch of sweet memories.


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