After my last blog entry contrasting cycling habits in the Netherlands with driving habits in the U.S., a friend pointed out the big difference (besides SUVs, suburban sprawl, superhighways, etc.) between the two countries—topography. Yes, biking in the flat lowlands of the Netherlands with user-friendly networks of bikeways is the ideal. But never fear; technology is here. My friend Emily reports she just did a mapping of her commute via computer with Map My Ride, which provides mileage, routes, and info on elevations and assents…HILLS!  Laurie Lynch

Switching Gears a Bit: Mention of the Netherlands unearthed a distant memory. Back in 1971, family friends invited me to spend the summer in Wageningen, an agricultural university town in the Netherlands. There were four of us American teen-age girls and we met some Dutch teen-age boys. You know the kind: tall, blond, with those wholesome, rosy cheeks. They invited us out on a date…on bicycles. We rode on a bike path along a branch of the Rhine, past grazing cows and a wind-powered flourmill. What I remember most has nothing to do with scenery or topography. My date rode next to me, with his arm gently around my back. He did all the pedaling as I glided along. Now that’s the way to travel!

End of an Era: One of the most charming weddings I attended was at a potato farm near Leaser Lake. As the bride and groom exchanged vows, the farm rooster was not to be upstaged. He let out a series of cock-a-doodle-doos that made everyone chuckle. The old farmstead will be emptied at auction this Saturday, April 20:



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