It is hard to believe I just finished planting my third garlic patch at 101 Timber Lane. This year I planted all of my hard-neck standards Music, Georgian Fire, Spanish Roja, German White, Metechi, and Asian Tempest, and brought back an oldie, Chesnok Red.  I am trying a new-to-me Porcelain named Zemo, and I expanded my Picasso shallot planting.

I am always trying out new vegetables and fruits, new gardening techniques, new recipes, but with too many other things, I’m a creature of habit.  Perhaps you are too.Image

For some things, it’s not so bad—by sitting in the same pew at church each Saturday night we’ve become close to our “little group”.  We go to dinner at each other’s homes, I bring them bags of my overflow of tomatoes and beans, and when I am stuck for a caregiver for my mom, one of the dears helps out.

For biking to work, I have the same route because it is the most efficient. But there was no reason for my weekend rides to be routine. The Lemont-to-Houserville loop was comfortable because I knew I could make it up every hill, knew I could stop for a cup of coffee at Café Lemont, and still be home in an hour and a half. I knew when to downshift and where, and was getting pretty good at judging the one major traffic light.

Waterfall in Linden Hall

Waterfall in Linden Hall

Then, during one of those coffee breaks, a new friend mentioned the Waterfall Ride. “Everyone who rides through Lemont goes on it.”

Here I am, a local, a graduate of Lemont Elementary School. Heck, I remember lining up at the school for the very first polio vaccines and playing in the “crick” at my Brownie leader’s house. Yet I had never heard of the ride or the waterfall.

So, I ventured off my beaten path. Fourteen miles later, on the hills and valleys to Linden Hall and back, I had the most scenic ride of my life—and didn’t have to push my bike up any inclines (my biggest biking fear, stemming from a bad triathlon experience too many years ago).  The stops I made were for photos only…and one kiss (from a spindly-legged foal with one brown eye and one blue). And yes, I even stumbled down a yellow brick road to see the Tin Man and Toto.

Tin Man and Toto

I hope you all will venture on a new path this fall.  If you come to Centre County, I’ll take you on mine! Laurie Lynch

Painted Lady


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