Image“How were your holidays?”

The question stops me. The holidays haven’t ended.

They started in mid-December, with the arrival of Richard and his girlfriend Sabine from Brussels. A week later, Marina arrived from the same city.

The homecoming was enriched with getting to know Sabine and introducing her to Pennsylvania. In mid-January, no sooner had I driven Richard and Sabine to Philadelphia International to return to Belgium than I began anticipating the arrival of Koen, Marina’s significant other, from Ghent. With touch downs in State College and Kutztown, Koen and Marina are visiting NYC, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and various points in New York State before he flies back next week.

But the holiday continues, at least until April, when Belgian visa regulations allow Marina to return to Brussels. Richard is on a student visa, so he’s deep in the midst of classes. Marina has her bachelor’s and master’s, and is searching for that elusive job that will land her back in Europe. Until then, the holiday goes on.

It hasn’t been a holiday like others, where there is pressure to package all that is good and fun in a few rushed days and nights. No, it’s been a lazy, although sometimes crazy, holiday of snowstorms, sled rides, and shoveling, wining (no H in this wining) and dining, catching up and reaching out, bubble baths and pajama hugs, the pure ease of family togetherness, with a few potholes along the way. Comfort food and conversation framed our season. As we look forward to spring, the growing and glowing season, I will share some highlights, simple meals and stories that may add warmth to this long winter of 2014.  Laurie Lynch

P.S. The photo for this blog shows how we measure snowfall at 101 Timber Lane.


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