Kousa Berries

Kousa Berries

It’s been years since the day I took down the yellow and blue signs at Fleur-de-Lys Farm Market for the last time. You remember the ones, Peeps4Rent, Beans, Range Eggs, Pumpkins, Honey, Asian Pears, Garlic, Tomatoes.

But the beauty of realizing your dream, even for a short time, is that you keep harvesting—memories, stories, experiences, friendships.

I heard from Destiny the other day. While she was a student at Kutztown, she wrote a story on Fleur-de-Lys for a class. Later, she stopped by and I showed her how to make pesto.  When she got married, one of our Written on Slate slates made it into the garden of her new home.

We’ve kept in touch via my blog—and now, we’ll keep in touch via her blog. She has combined her English teaching career with her love of vintage-style decorating and you can read all about it at Twelfth Light.

I think you’ll like it. I feel like a proud mother hen. Laurie Lynch


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